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For a list of Cessna Caravan flight training companies in the U.S. and Europe that will train you how to fly the C208 Cessna Caravan, visit our Vendor Directory page.

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Cessna Caravan Flight Training Resources

The files found below are to be used to improve your general aircraft knowledge of the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan and are for training purposes only.

Caravan Checklist
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Pilots Operating Handbook
Cessna Caravan POH

Know Your PT6A
This handbook has been designed to give you a brief overview of the PT6A engine as well as some maintenance and power management recommendations. Always refer to the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH), Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM), Engine Maintenance Manual (EMM), Service Bulletins (SB) or other service information documentation for a complete text of the approved / recommended procedures and latest information.
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Operating Tips for an Icing Encounter in the Cessna Caravan
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PT6A Pilot Familiarization
This handbook has an objective to provide pilots with information regarding normal and abnormal engine operation, operational procedures and tips on how to operate your engine in a cost-effective manner.
Applicable Engines:
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